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About the Maps

Basin and Range’s wall maps are a combination of a fine art piece and a trail map. They are not a copy or compilation of government maps. They are painstaking projects which each require at least several hundred hours to create. There is absolutely nothing else like them.

All recreational sites and areas are shown on the maps: trailheads, picnic areas, campgrounds, fishing access sites, boat launch sites, and alpine and nordic ski areas. Every trail is shown, with the name of most every trail as well. There are hundreds of named peaks, creeks, and rivers. To give them a three dimensional look, the maps use hypsometric elevation coloring, shaded relief, and forest cover.

The maps are designed to have two different perspectives. From a distance the viewer sees only the landscape and major highways. But viewed close up the viewer sees thousands of individual items (named peaks, creeks, recreation sites, forest service roads, trails, etc.) not seen from a distance.

Finding the ultimate print format for these maps was a multi year journey. The first printing was on heavy weight paper. That worked, but paper that large is fragile. The maps needed to be more durable, but laminating was not an acceptable option. Laminating darkens the colors of the piece which is laminated. The maps are now printed on a synthetic material, like a folded plastic trail map but thicker. There is no need to laminate the maps; they are durable and not easily damaged.

After receiving one of these maps, the best thing to do is to mount it on foamcore. Most frame shops can do this for around $50. A foamcore mounted map can be hung on a wall and look the same twenty years later, as long as it’s not exposed to direct sunlight.

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