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How to protect the map

Lamination obviously protects a paper map very well, especially a large map. The lamination also darkens some colors a bit, most notably the blue hues. So this map, after being laminated, appears overall more blue. The lamination also lightens the shaded relief a bit. This map does not look as good if it is laminated, which is why a laminated version is not offered. If you want to laminate it, Selby’s (525 Professional Drive in Bozeman) can do it for you for about $20.

A better way to protect the map is to mount it on foamcore. Foamcore is a lighweight board of foam with paper adhered to both sides. It is what most art is mounted to before being framed. Selby’s and any frame shop can mount art on foamcore. Foamcore mounting costs about $45 to $65.

Framing is the best way to protect and display the map. It will be mounted on foamcore first. A frame shop will probably use plexiglass instead of real glass to cut down on the weight. Framing the map will cost around $500.

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