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This fine art wall map is designed for anyone who loves the outdoor recreation of South Central Montana. It is a combination of a fine art piece and a trail map. This was a painstaking project which required several hundred hours to create. There is absolutely nothing else like it.

The map covers the Tobacco Root, Snowcrest, Gravelly, Madison, Gallatin, Bridger, Absaroka, and Beartooth Mountain Ranges. All of the Madison, Gallatin, and Stillwater Rivers are on the map, as well as the Yellowstone River from Canyon Village to Columbus. The top of the map is Missouri Headwaters State Park and the bottom is Madison Junction in Yellowstone. From east to west it covers from Red Lodge to Whitehall.

Every recreational site and area is shown: trailheads, picnic areas, campgrounds, fishing access sites, boat launch sites, and alpine and nordic ski areas. Every trail is shown, with the name of almost every trail as well.

The map is designed to have two different perspectives. From a distance the viewer sees only the landscape and major highways. But viewed close up the viewer sees thousands of individual items (named peaks, creeks, recreation sites, forest service roads, trails, etc.) not seen from a distance.

To give the map a three dimensional look, it uses hypsometric elevation coloring combined with shaded relief and four types of vegetation land cover: forests, sagebrush, croplands, and wetlands. Basin and Range maps are the first maps to combine hypsometry and land cover, and have patents pending on the process.

The map is printed on durable synthetic material, not paper. After receiving one of these maps the best thing to do is to mount it on foamcore. Most frame shops can do this for about $60.

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62 x 38 inches



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